• Only registered users are allowed to download data and participate in this challenge
  • All evaluation results will be made publicly available on the leaderboard
  • Only maximum of 2 submissions per day will be allowed 
  • Participation in all three tasks is not mandatory. However, to be eligible for awards you will need to accomplish all three tasks
  • Participants willing to only submit their result for detection or semantic segmentation, however might be invited for presentation at the challenge-workshop depending upon their performance and scientific contribution
  • Participants are encouraged to submit a short description of their method 
  • Top performing individual or team will be contacted for 2-4 page paper detailing their methods based on which they will be invited to present their work and an online CEUR workshop proceeding will be compiled (peer-reviewed)
  • Self-publication or any other sort of publication of results or data is not allowed and strictly forbidden unless mentioned on the website (or till joint journal on this theme!)
  • Challenge organisers will have the right to disqualify any individual or team submission in case of the breach of rules
  • Self publication is strictly forbidden on this data unless you have a formal acceptance from organisers. 


We have planned to award a total of 3 prizes: 

  •   one each for each of the 2 sub-tasks and
  •   one more for the team which ranks overall best across all 2 sub-tasks

We encourage everyone to submit results to all 2 sub-challenges.

Please note that the top scorers will be awarded with prizes at EDD2020 workshop in Iowa, USA. Attendance is mandatory to receive your awards!